Ewa Nemoudry.

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Acrylic - Oil paintings

Straightforwardness, a red lipstick, a perfectly managed oil and water-colour technique, original lithographs, assured gestures, precise movement of the hand. That, and more, is Ewa Nemoudry. Someone you will never be bored with. A woman who exudes a certain ‘je ne sais qua’ as do her paintings. Her men may tell about it, her friends, collectors of her works, and mainly heroes of her paintings themselves. Bright colours, well devised formats, unmistakable requisites and details like little dogs, flowers and people, people, people. They are all occupied with something, they have a task to do, they have their love, their place and inevitable heading for the final point which can be sometimes humorous, another time ordinary and commonplace, but ultimately compelling. The name of the painting suggests more, being dreamy and romantic, like a piece of poetry. And just like a poet saying all yet nothing at all, Ewa is playing with us in a masterly and self-assured way. Hers is yet another reality, where nothing is certain and yet, quite on the contrary, all is as it should be…. Ewa Nemoudry cannot deny her cosmopolitan origin, her talent or that she was the student of the world-famous stage designer Josef Svoboda. Hence she commands her works by a skilled male hand with the light irony of a woman. The canvass becomes a mirror. Quite smooth, shiny, clear, honest and simply straightforward.

J. Králíček, general editor, Dolcevita, 2005

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