Ewa Nemoudry.

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Ewa Nemoudry Interiors

The interiors designed by Academic Architect Ewa Nemoudry are just like herself; intriguing, never dull or boring. They sparkle with colours and daring combinations of materials. Her compositions are those of an artist and their scenography is almost theatrical. They are elegant, enriched by spirit and by a tender, sensitive romanticism.

Ewa does not confine herself to a single, though time-tested, scheme of creativity. She respects the space and its spirit as well as the customer’s expectation. She reveals both the obvious and hidden ideas of the customer one by one in order to arrive at a novel solution.

The interior designs of Ewa Nemoudry are just like herself. Une femme comme il faut (A real woman). Elegant and resourceful, with her own opinion and ambition. Daring in style. It is always pleasant and refreshing to see Ewa amidst the otherwise grey backdrop of the world. Everything about her is distinctive – the style of her outfit, her walk, her lips. To meet Ewa at a social event is just wonderful. She is radiant and stands out even amongst the most expensive models in the world. Each detail of her costume is well thought out, in perfect harmony with the whole, and yet unique in itself. Ewa is not a model, she is an artist and a woman.

Lenka Žižková
Publicist and Curator
Design Centre CZ

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